Mobile router sales

Router for combination sales

This router is sold in combination with a SIM card.
You cannot purchase only routers.

Models on sale


Examples of used routers

You cannot choose which model to use, but you will be provided with one that has almost the same specification.
The model and inventory status will change from time to time, so please inquire about the latest model.


4,000 JPY (excl. tax)

Basic specification

Continuous communication time
Approximately 5.5 hours *1

Battery capacity

Simultaneous connection table

10 units
Communication speed
Up to 112.5Mbps *2

Approximately 81g

Easy to carry because it is light.
Recommended for those who wish to start at a low cost.

It is a SIM-free mobile Wi-Fi router.
This terminal is used and has no manufacturer's warranty.

*1. It varies depending on the radio wave conditions and the environment of use.
*2. This is the maximum value of the technical standard based on the "best-effort" method and is not guaranteed as the execution speed.
The communication speed may change depending on the communication environment or congestion.Also, the maximum communication speed varies depending on your region.