KATANA MOBILE is a prepaid-style high-speed mobile Internet service using Softbank lines.

Data communication is slowed down only when the carrier recognizes that there is an abnormal increase in traffic and illegal use occurs.

There are two ways to use.

1. Apply for a SIM card, insert it into your smartphone or tablet, and use it.

* Only SIM-free terminals are available.
* Configuration is required after the SIM card arrives.The configuration manual in each language is sent with the SIM card.

2. Subscribe a SIM card and a mobile router at the same time, and use them by connecting to a PC or a smartphone.

* If you apply for the SIM card and the mobile router at the same time, they will be sent after being set, so you can use them immediately after they arrive.

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Both can be used.

Data communication only type

SIM-free terminal only (SMS cannot be used)

<Terms and conditions for use>

When a large amount of data is generated for a certain period of time and affects the use of other users, or when it is judged that the usage status is abnormal or illegal, the communication of the corresponding user is limited, and the maintenance of the use environment of other users may be prioritized.
※1: Since multi-cut SIMs are adopted, you can cut them in any of the following three sizes; standard/micro/nano.


At a convenience store
Easy payment

At a register in a convenience store, just show the barcode on the postcard and pay!
You don't have to prepare a bank account or a credit card.


As it is prepaid,
anyone can use it.

There are no cancellation restrictions or examinations.


Contract is very simple.

Just take a picture of the document that shows the address of the payment form.
After that, enter your name.

Simple toll system

Monthly fee

4,280 JPY (excl. tax)/month

Your prorated fee on the starting month of the subscription is free of charge.

For the first application, you need a contract fee of 3,000 JPY per line and a monthly fee for the next month.

Application is easy!

3 STEPs before using

From the Web site
We will
Ship a postcard with barcodes for convenience store payments.
<After you receive the payment form>
At a convenience store
We will send
a SIM card or
a Wi-Fi router
<After you receive the SIM card>
APN: Access point name

You can use immediately after the setting is completed!

If you apply for a mobile Wi-Fi router at the same time, you can use it without setting.